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For your training, a gala, a photo shoot or a competition, Dazzle Polewear allows you to create your bespoke polewear online. Choice of fabric, color, parts to customize, with or without rhinestones, the options are multiple. If you are doing pole dance, hoop, dance or aerial fabric, this shop is for you!

Treat yourself with a unique outfit and Dazzle yourself!

Find all our products to personalize! Color, shape, rhinestone, pattern, free the stylist in you!

French brand Made in France
Made in France
French design and manufacture
Comfort and quality
Comfort & quality
Quality fabrics, optimized crotch
Custom pole wear
Custom polewear
Choice of colors, patterns, rhinestones...

A creative soul is in you? Order the accessories that will allow you to customize your products from home!

Be Dazzle

Thanks to all the polegirls who chose to trust us. Feel free to email us your photos or post them on social networks!