Dazzle Polewear, French brand

Where to begin ... The beginning maybe. My name is Sarah, I'm 33 years old, always sport free because "I do not like it", I still let myself be tempted by an initiation of pole dance at the end of 2016 (better late than ever, no?). From course to course, (from bruises to falls,) from chess to success, this sport has become a real addiction .... As you can imagine! And I can say it, the pole has changed my life. It reveals me as a woman (it was time!), but it also created new ambitions in me. Dazzle polewear is one of them :)

Why Dazzle?

Some pole friends and I were desperately looking for original polewear, feminine, "sparkling" and customizable for pole dance. Yes customizable! We wanted to be able to choose colors, patterns, have some options, maybe rhinestones if I was in the "princess" mode ... We wanted a unique outfit. And we haven't found ... Having the chance to know a talented stylist and a seamstress, I allowed myself to share with hem my sweet utopia: "Hey, I want to create a customizable brand of outfits for the pole dance? They said "ok," I said "cool," then I added "gooooo! ".

After 9 months of gestation, doubts, reflection and work, Dazzle Polewear was born. A beautiful baby, designed and made in France!

I am so happy today and proud to present you this shop, I hope that the concept will please you!

I can not finish without thanking a thousand times the people who made this project achievable: 
Thanks to my parents, my darling, who supported me, encouraged me and without whom, nothing would have been possible. 
Thanks to my brother Simon, the best graphic designer, who collaborated with me on the creation of this shop. 
Thanks to my sister, to try and test the outfits :) and yes, even my sister practices pole dance! 
Thanks to my great pole teacher, Mélanie Clavel for pushing me ever farther, higher and being one of the ambassadors of the brand :).
Thanks to The Dros World for these amazing photos ... 
Thanks to me for amazing ideas (my ankles are fine, thanks! Hihihiii). 
And above all, thank you to my stylist and my seamstress without whom, Dazzle would not exist ...

Finally, I will also thank you, yes, behind your screen, which may be a day or already wearing a Dazzle outfit. Because today, without you, without you, this project will remain only a simple project ...